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Welcome to my studio. A large bright room. The view from inside to outside goes into the green, into the panoramic landscape of the Alta Langa. This vastness and size is the inspiration for my work, where individual creations are born.

I source most of the fabric from Italian companies, paying attention to quality materials and beautiful design. This basic material leads me to the actual model, each garment is unique, but can be adapted and duplicated in colour and shape to give it the wearer's individual touch.

I see myself first and foremost as a strolling creator, the process of my work can be influenced in different ways, but there is always an interaction between me and the product, which consequently leads to interaction with the person who wears the garment as a unique piece - for as long as possible and thus also sustainably (rima = rimanere).The garment in its value as a craft should be reflected in my creations.

What happens when the beloved garment no longer fits or is needed? Since I focus on longevity and the highest quality, I regularly offer upcyling events, where something new is created from something old. At the same time, this is connected to a creative act - craftsmanship (manica = arm, mani = hand).

My second project is called FugitiveBag, made by refugees' hands, for our smaller and larger escapes from everyday life, practical bags, backpacks and beauty bags are created. 10% of the proceeds from FugitiveBag go directly to refugee aid.

Homefashion Events

Home fashion - completely private and without a tight changing room, combined with a glass of wine and delicious snacks - have a short while together, chat and play mirror mirror on the wall. Of course, in the presence of Rita Maria Thoma, the founder and creator of RIMANICA.

Next Event June, 17 2023 - Save the Date

Place: im Näscht, Aarau from 09.30 to 18.00



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unique creations - unique design


Rita Maria Thoma
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